Keys to Successful Turnaround 2009-2013

Average monthly copper production has been increased by over 100% since 2009.



  • Centennial pit walls failing (left) and Centennial pit with strong pit walls and ore control
  • Centennial pit walls failing (left) and strong pit walls (right)
  • Leach pad ponding before (left) and leach pad ripped and graded without ponding after (right)
  • Poor fraction size control and leach pad grading (left) and leach pad graded (right)
  • Copper cathode thin sheets and rough edges (left) and thick sheets with clean edges (right)


Mining Ore Control
Utilize smaller mining fleet for selective mining and ore control

Leach Pad Operations
Re-engineer pumping and piping and re-construct and replace bottlenecks and poorly functioning components

Leach Pad Metallurgy & Chemistry
Optimize ore cure procedure, iron g/l in solution, and bacteria count and activity within leach pad

Leach Pad Water Balance
Establish water balance within leach pad solution circuit and expand water well capacity to meet leach pad water demand

Management Team
Strengthen the management team through addition of key new managers

Maintain culture of safe operations with 934 days without lost time accident during 2010-13

Invest in concurrent reclamation and maintain excellent environmental project compliance record

Capital Investment
Purchase mobile mining fleet, upgrade plant, ponds and pumps, and add redundant capacity for all operating activities

Mineral Resource
Conduct infillĀ and delineation drilling to increase mineral resource


Surveyor supporting ore control



Engineer and mine geologist supporting ore control


Column testing

Column testing