Health & Safety

Lisbon Valley Mining Company maintains and enforces strict adherence to a comprehensive set of safety policies and guidelines for the health and safety of all of its employees.  Lisbon Valley Mining Company works closely with its regulator, MSHA, to ensure safe mining conditions at all times.  The Company does not believe any accident or injury is acceptable if proper policies, training, hiring, and safety practices are followed.  The project’s safety record reflects this core belief.




Monthly safety training class

Safety History

  • Record of 934 days with No Loss Time Accident 2010-13
  • Sentinels of Safety Award 2014
  • Achievement Safety Award – MSHA 2014
  • International Society of Mine Safety Professionals Award 2013
  • Sentinels of Safety Award 2009
  • Sentinels of Safety Award 2008
  • Sentinels of Safety Award 2005

Core Safety Principles

Nothing is more important to Lisbon Valley than the safety, health, and well-being of our workers and their families.  By implementing strong programs and processes in each of these areas, Lisbon Valley Mining Company strives to ensure a safe workplace and a culture that places safe production as its top priority.

  • Commitment: Lisbon Valley Mining Company supervision has the responsibility to create and promote a safe workplace by demonstrating visible leadership, being active and visible in the field, participating in quality safety inspections, interacting positively with workers and coaching them on good safety behaviors.
  • Training/Skills: Lisbon Valley Mining Company ensures that every employee has training to obtain the skills and knowledge to perform the job safely.
  • Procedures and Controls: Safety risks and hazards can be eliminated or mitigated to help prevent incidents.  Lisbon Valley has many standards and procedures to protect the well-being of employees.  Regular monitoring ensures controls are effective.
  • Contractor controls:  Contractors working at Lisbon Valley Mining Company must meet the same high safety standards as the Company’s own employees.
  • Measuring Performance: Lisbon Valley Mining Company supervisors conduct observations to ensure tasks are being done correctly and in a safe manner.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Safety systems aim to prevent all incidents; however, the Company also maintains a high degree of emergency preparedness.